Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 coming with unique batteries?

iPhone-6-biobatteryHave u ever experienced ur mobile phone to be run from sugars ? Indeed Sugar is excellent source of energy from biological point of view but now its is also proved by technological point of view .

Sugar-powered biobattery has 10 times the energy storage of lithium, a research said.

Now, researchers at Virginia Tech have successfully created a sugar-powered fuel cell that has an energy storage density of 596 amp-hours per kilo — or “one order of magnitude” higher than lithium-ion batteries. This fuel cell is refillable with a solution of maltodextrin, and its only by products are electricity and water.

Researchers have tried to create fuel cells that use artificial “metabolism” to break down glucose into electricity (biobatteries),

The Virginia Tech biobattery uses 13 enzymes, plus air (it’s an air-breathing biobattery), to produce nearly 24 electrons from a single glucose unit. This equates to a power output of 0.8 mW/cm, current density of 6 mA/cm, and energy storage density of 596 Ah/kg. This last figure is impressive, at roughly 10 times the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries in your mobile device.

But are there chances that Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 could also come with this unique and long duration battery?

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