Nintendo Wii U comparison with Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One logical?

Nintendo Wii U comparison with PS4 and Xbox One illogicalThese days all the gaming buzz is around the Nintendo and its apparent failure to compete Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft Xbox One.

But there are some other angles which have been out of sight from eyes of many gaming industry experts, gamers and game lovers.

Below is a point of view of a parent, Richard Vaught studying B.A. in Game Design. This gives a unique perspective making comparison between Nintendo’s Wii U and other consoles and PS4 and Xbox One illogical.

I am still not sure why people insist on comparing Nintendo with the likes of Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox franchises.

The culture and goals of Nintendo are vastly different than that of Sony or Microsoft. (This was mentioned in the op just before he went on to compare apples to avocados).

In my household, we have 5 adults, and 6 kids(Don’t ask). The children focus more on the DS and the Wii U, the adults on PS3 and PC, and occasionally someone will switch on the Xbox if there is an exclusive title we want to play. There is no real comparison though.

The Wii U is by far my favorite console as a parent, delivering titles that my kids can play without taking over the television, and the PC is my favorite as a gamer. PS3 gets more action out of netflix than it does games, largely because the vast majority of PS3 titles are simply not suitable to be played around children. The few titles that we do play regularly are the music titles such as Rocksmith.

Nintendo, at least in my house, is exactly where it wants to be and at a price point that I, as a parent, can afford to indulge in. You can bet the next gen consoles from PS and Xbox won’t be making it into my living room for at least another year, possibly two, because they simply do not offer anything I am interested in.

And need I mention that Nintendo has been the only truly innovative hardware manufacture for the last couple of console generations?

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