PMLN wins Khushab by election against PTI

PMLN wins Khushab by election against PTI | PakistanTribeKHUSHAB – Pakistan Muslim League (N) candidate wins by-election race against Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s (PTI) candidate in Khushab district of Punjab, reported.

According to the unofficial but complete results of NA-69, PMLN candidate wins the National Assembly’s election contest against its rivals with close margin.

Although the process was mostly peaceful, there were small incidents that disrupted the polls.

Private TV Channel Express News claims that there was an alleged incident of poll rigging in Mian Chunnu.

Aslam saw two unidentified men stamping ballots near a hut in Mian Chunnu. He chased the men and was reportedly fired at. Despite that, he managed to recover some of the stamped ballots.

“I have the copy of the 100 page ballot paper stamps but the people who were rigging were able to escape with most of the ballots. After the polling ends, we can reveal which party’s ballots were being stamped,” he said.

Aslam then confronted PTI Secretary General Jehangir Tareen about the stamped ballots, including some ballots on which the PTI’s symbol (the bat) had been stamped.

Tareen claimed that ”these ballot papers are with the government. We are the opposition party, so what power do we have to gain access to this? This act has been done on purpose to us, as you were given the information and taken to the area of rigging yourself. We do not do this kind of work.”


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