Cyber-warfare: ‘Russian military involved in expanded propaganda’

Cyberwarfare: Russian military involved in expanded propaganda | Russia cyber war

MOSCOW – Russia has for the first time admitted their efforts of ‘information troops’ and a surge in the cyber war post-Cold War.

Russian defence minister, Sergey Shoygu said that Russian ‘information troops’ are involved in intelligence and expanded propaganda; however, he did not provide any detail about their aim and theme.

The Western countries have been blaming Russia for cyber crimes several times; according to detail, such attacks were meant to target North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Both the US and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) now Russia, employed many propaganda tools during the Cold War era so that they could influence the global politics as well as promote their ideologies.

Sergey Shoygu while talking to the member of the Russian Assembly said, “We have got information troops which are more effective and stronger than the former ‘counter propaganda’ section.”

Care Giles, a Russian think tank and an army expert explained that Russian ‘information war is quite stronger and more robust than the western ‘cyber fighters’ and hackers.

Giles said in the report meant for NATO titled ‘The Next Phase of Russian Information Warfare’ that “Russia aims to gather information in whatever forms it may be. In the Soviet Union model, Moscow main aim was to spread the propaganda for the sake of Russian model to be followed globally and now it wants to stop objective reporting”

Giles tells the media that Russia is examining the NATO in a variety of ways including the targeting of a single soldiers social media profile.

“They contact the people individually and then they target them,” he added.

Reports say that Russia has targeted NATO soldiers in the Baltic States; they targeted the military of Ukraine and Poland which were fighting against the pro-Russian soldiers.



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