Met Ahsan Jamil CEO of Aman Foundation

Met Ahsan Jamil CEO of Aman Foundation | PakistanTribeToday I had a wonderful experience visiting Aman foundation event it was a fresh morning of another wonderful Friday, I was Curious to visit this event and was eager to know about this foundation and to meet ahsan jamil the CEO of this foundation.

As I had always heard marvelous things about him and his foundation, I also wanted to know who was behind this unique idea. When i reached there I totally loved the surrounding because it was so vivid and radiant. It provided so much information about Karachi, It was so organized and the food court was also very good too. It highlighted the true meaning of life. Lots of teenagers had volunteered watching them so passionate about their work it really impressed me.

When I met the CEO he was such a humble person and had no attitude at all that he is behind this big foundation. I heard his whole session in which he talked about how this foundation started. He explained that a family started this with only one lakh rupees and motivated their friends to come bind with them and did certain activities which slowly lead this foundation to spread all over the world.

He described other activities of this foundation such as AMANTELEHEALTH which is a call centre with medical advisers and doctors that provide diagnostic services and advices over the phone and AMANTECH in which teenagers are taught different passions for example carpentering, engineering and they are sent abroad with jobs provided.

They also have introduced Aman ambulance in which they have made a mini clinic in the ambulances for those who are in tattered and have to be cured urgently. AMANCULTURE which is to provide information to people about different cultures and also AMANSPORTS in which they have believed in the basic rights of children to play and are motivating children to learn through sports. Now Aman foundation is a billion rupee foundation which has the support of Institute of Business Administration,

Acumen Fund, Leyton Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust, Aga Khan University, The Citizens Foundation, i-Care, AMANPALS, British Asian Trust, Basic Needs and Injaz Pakistan to name a few. Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates are also supporting this foundation.

I would suggest to all of you to come join different activities of this foundation according to your interest and help them in their causes.

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