South Korea life expectancy to reach 90 by 2030

South Korea life expectancy to reach 90 by 2030: Report | highest life expectancy

LONDON – Since life expectancy is rising globally, South Korean women are predicted to be the first in the world to live for 90 years by 2030, a study revealed.

According to PakistanTribe world desk, a joint study conducted by London Imperial College and the World Health Organization (WHO) analysed 35 developed countries in the world, saying South Korea top the list of countries with high life expectancy.

The study predicted that it is all due to the high quality of food and low level of smoking.

A baby born in South Korea in 2030 will expect to live 90 years, a study.

On average men have lower life expectancies due to unhealthier lifestyle.

However, the highest income country, the United States will face the lowest level of life expectancy.

The analysis said that the life duration of the people is rising and afterwards it will reduce the age gap between men and women.

Professor Majid Azati said, “South Korea has done many things in the right way, and this country is amongst the top most countries following the norm of equality and it has helped the people in the provision of health and nutrition’.

He said this country has managed to tackle hypertension and high blood pressure while obesity is quite small there.

It is also said that earlier Japan was on the top of the list of great expectancy, but its ranking has dropped down considerably.

The study noted that life expectancy of the women was also on a much higher ratio, but now South Korea and France have surpassed Japan.

However the research indicated that life ratio would considerably decrease in America by 2030; presently, the average age ratio of men stands at 80 and that of women similar to Mexico and Croatia.

Professor Azati said that the situations in these countries are entirely the opposite: ‘The society in the US is affected by inequality and disparity which has affected their performance level while South Korea is the only country where universal health insurance is present.’

The Professor says that men traditionally spend unhealthy life and that is why their life expectancy is lower than women, adding they drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes; besides traffic incidents and other crimes are shortening their life.

In summarising the research, the Professor wrote that that country where life expectancy is the highest is because they have spent a huge chunk of the budget on health and food.





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