Turkey reverses scarf ban in military

Turkey reverses scarf ban in military| www.pakistantribe.com Turkey reverses scarf ban

TURKEY – The Turkish government lifted a long time imposed ban over use of headscarf in military, allowing female officers to cover their heads during duty.

According to PakistanTribe world desk, after this initiative female soldiers and officers in Turkey will now be able to wear the Islamic headscarf in contrast to the previous regulations when they were not allowed to cover their body with ‘hijab’.

Turkey’s military is the only institution where the restriction on head covering has been removed—till now the army has been known as the guardian of Turkish secular law, media report says.

It is worth mentioning here that earlier in 1980, Turkey banned wearing any Islamic headscarf, burqa, veil in all public institutions.

However, now the Turkish pro-Islamic President Recap Tayab Erdogan argued this was the rigid ban imposed due to conservative tendencies.

For years, the Islamic head-covering and veil issue debated and remained controversial in Turkey.

American and British media with the secular lobby considers wearing a headscarf as conservatism and they blamed the President that he was bent upon imposing the Islamic agenda.

In the last few years, headscarf ban was lifted while allowing the women to cover themselves in schools, universities and civil services while last year the women police were also allowed to wear a scarf.

According to a Turkish media report, the new regulations are for the army officers, soldiers and cadets as they can wear a scarf during the duty.



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