NewTrump travel ban coming next week

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WASHINGTON – The American government said the reviewed executive order on banning travellers to the US from specific countries would be announced next week.

According to PakistanTribe world desk, the US President Donald Trump has already said the travel ban would be announced this week; however, officials in the White House negated this announcement has been postponed for a week.

Soon after assuming power, Donald Trump issued an executive order imposing a travel restriction on the refugees coming towards America from the seven Muslim countries.

Following Trump’s executive order, protest demonstrations began across the United States, creating a huge hue and cry across airports, but later the American Courts temporarily suspended the travel ban.

The White House says the new executive order is robust and comprehensive responding to all the previous queries of the Courts, while John Kali, Secretary of the Homeland Security explains the new executive order will be ‘more disciplined and stricter version of the first executive order’.

It has not been clarified yet that how the new executive order will be different from the old one.

Critics view that if the travel restriction was imposed again, then anarchy will start again which will be another shock to the Trump administration.

In the first executive order of Donald Trump, it was said that no person from the three Muslim countries including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan would be able to come to the US for 90 days.

After President Trump’s order, around 60000 visas had been suspended, but due to the decision of the US Judge James Robert, this order was provisionally suspended across the country.

And under the same decree, the entry of refugee into America was suspended for 120 days while the Syrian refugees had been suspended for an unlimited period.

However, one of the Judges of the American state of Seattle suspended Donald Trump’s decision to ban people from the seven Muslim countries.


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