BIG & NEW: WhatsApp Status – decorated photos, videos and GIFs disappear after 24 hours

BIG & NEWS: WhatsApp Status - decorated photos, videos and GIFs disappear after 24 hours |

World biggest social networking app, WhatsApp seems ready to compete with Snapchat growth with today’s launch of WhatsApp Status. A new feature where users will be able to share decorated photos, videos and GIFs that disappear after 24 hours.

According to PakistanTribe’s Science & Technology desk, the new feature introduced with end-to-end encryption similar to the WhatsApp messaging.

8-year old WhatsApp tested the feature for beta users in November last year and now as per the information released by the app, newly introduced WhatsApp Status tab is rolling out worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows based smartphones.

With the new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to watch updates from friends and reply privately, shoot and adorn their imagery with drawings and captions and send their creations to all their contacts they’ve chosen with a persistent privacy setting.

The new Status feature replaces WhatsApp’s old away messages. 

“The original idea behind the project was to build an application that lets your friends and other contacts know what you’re up to,” WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum writes. But the company tells me it saw so many people quickly updating these statuses to communicate in real time that it pivoted to chat, but always kept the away Statuses.

It is worth mentioning here that WhatsApp has 1.2 billion monthly user worldwide, sending 60 billion messages per day, including 3.3 billion photos, 760 million videos and 80 million GIFs.

According to the Information Technology industry experts WhatsApp is parleying this success in messaging back into broadcast social media in a way that could spell trouble for Snapchat.

If WhatsApp Status takes off, it could hinder Snap’s global growth opportunity in user-generated content, forcing it to rely on squeezing more cash out of existing users, or earning more revenue from hardware or professional content.

A tech blog, TechCrunch in its recent analysis predicted that WhatsApp can eat some of Snapchat’s lunch abroad without watering down its core product.

WhatsApp had been positioned as few-frills utilitarian chat while Facebook Messenger sported all the bells and whistles. But late last year, WhatsApp adapted to the visual communication age with the launch of additional camera features, said the report. 

— Complete text of WhatsApp’s Blog discussing the new feature, Status

It was just eight years ago, in February 2009, when we started writing the first lines of code for what would eventually become WhatsApp. The original idea behind the project was to build an application that lets your friends and other contacts know what you’re up to. This was months before we added messaging. The first version of our app looked like this:

Even after we added messaging in the summer of 2009, we kept the basic “text only” status functionality in WhatsApp. Every year, when Brian and I would plan projects to work on, we always talked about improving and evolving this original “text only” status feature.

We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp’s 8th birthday on February 24, we are reinventing the status feature. Starting today, we are rolling out an update to status, which allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp in an easy and secure way. Yes, even your status updates are end-to-end encrypted.

Just like eight years ago when we first started WhatsApp, this new and improved status feature will let you keep your friends who use WhatsApp easily updated in a fun and simple way. From all of us at WhatsApp, we hope you enjoy it!

Jan Koum


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