Soul-searching melodies – By Parvez Jamil

Soul-searching melodies - By Parvez Jamil |

When my student Afsheen Qureshi sent me links of the musical performances of Ammar Ali Khan, for a particular segment of our event “Musical melodies for the Corporate Sector”, I discovered something incomprehensible and indescribable indeed. I could feel in Ammar something beyond a singer and musician, something so ecstatic and elating, so bewitching and bewildering, so fantastic and fascinating, so overwhelming and overpowering that literally the very ambience, the very environment, the very atmosphere sang and set alive.

Ammar is a disciple of Pakistan’s legendary music director “Nisar Bazmi” Sahib. He has been singing since he was eight years of age. He was All Pakistan number 2 in a music contest called “Music Challenge”. He kept performing on stage, TV and radio till 1998 and went to Australia for further studies. He earned a degree in Finance and worked in Australia for four years with a multinational. He came back to Pakistan in 2006 and started working on his album. He has a couple of videos which can be found on YouTube and other music websites.

Whether it is “Hamd, Wohi Khuda hai, Daata Tore, Insha Ji Utho, Kia Hua Tera Wada, Tere Mast Mast Do Nain, O Mere Dil Ke Chain”, you name it, it is so naturally alluring, so captivating and so spell-binding without a doubt! From man in the street to men of letters and men at the helm of affairs it is such an unthinkable and irresistible melody that speaks volumes in letter and in spirit to enlighten and echo so magnanimously over the universal horizon.

Besides harmoniously blending spirituality, innovation and entertainment with our rich customs, traditions, usages and conventions it truly acts as a tonic in soul-searching and rejuvenating food for thought. Professionals, whether in arts, sports or culture; education, social and the health sectors; in physical, biological and environmental sciences; in economics, business or the corporate sector, are humans.

They need positive and pleasant deviations from tough and tedious work commitments and deadlines, as men like Ammar Ali Khan, so able, humble, noble and gentle, emerge out of passion, rise over and above self and dawn with such unique melodies over the corporate horizon that mesmerize the money-lost souls into positive thinking and rejuvenated individuals.

The writer is HoD Public Affairs and Senior Faculty at CBM, IoBM, Karachi. [email protected]


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