So do you think that we need a dining room in our home?

Dining RoomsAffordability is what defines the acquirement of a luxury but when affordability of many becomes a norm or a social standard for a locality; it becomes a necessity for all and a vice for the poor or the lower middle class. So we need a dining room because we are a nation inspired by our British rulers of the past and we fight tooth and nail from our realities to find comfort in the standards of those who don’t even care that we exist. It is a fact we dress in clothes we do not need in order to impress those we do not like. Why we do that, we don’t know ourselves but there is something within us which drives us to such measures.

While skimming along one of the articles at the blog of Zameen I stumbled across a sad truth. Following the culture and the ideology under which we dwell in Pakistan we certainly don’t need a dining room. Being Muslims and driving our ancestry from the indigenous subcontinent we are not the people of high tables and high seats. We love the earth from which we were created and to which we are to return to and thus we eat on floor on a “Dasterkhwan” with the rest of our family.

Yes we do get guests and we all sit on ground together constituting a symbol of modesty while eating hilal food and thanking our Creator for the bounties which He bestowed upon us. There are people no doubt who like to forsake their identities and adopt the ways of those who couldn’t care less about them but still they feel a sense of pride and dignity in following them.

Even today most of us who possess a dining room in our house fail to sit together at regular meals as we are more interested in having our food delivered to our respective rooms and having our breakfasts on bed. Looks like, we are a people bearing a Pakistani tag while living in British fashioned homes and following the American lifestyle. Talk about taking versatility to an extreme, but that is the sad truth. In our pursuits to gain that which we do not need we push ourselves to such boundaries which change us forever and we find ourselves at the point of no return.

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Shaista Zulfiqar is the Senior Communication Manager at Zameen Media (Pvt) Ltd. When she's not managing or writing, she's daydreaming about a better Pakistan, which is one of her many passions.

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