India’s terrible plan with England and Australia to destroy Pakistan Cricket

ICC-conspiracy-against-PakiJOHANNESBURG / LONDON: International Cricket Council’s (ICC) three big ones are dividing the minors.

The seniors committee comprising of India, England and Australia are trying to whisper now New Zealand and Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe also appears ready to go away. The main target, then, appears to be Pakistan.

Details said that India and Australia along with England prepared a terrible plan to conquer International Cricket occupation. This triangle is now whispering Bangladesh and New Zealnad to join them.

Surprisingly, The most obvious thing is that Countries like England and Australia are now favouring India for their nefarious plot.

One of them even if leave BCCI, conspiracy will just crumbled.

This triangle jointly developed a draft in which they will get full control of international cricket. Most of the income will go for them and the chairman will also be elected from these countries

To split test teams in two divisions, these three teams will always remain in first division even if they perform poor.

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