Nintendo working on Android tablet as 3DS successor: expert

Nintendo Android Tablet and 3DSNintendo is reportedly working on a Android Tablet to replace its premier console 3DS, says a licensing expert.

Commenting on Nintendo’s recently announced move to capture the boom in smartphones and tablets, Jeff Kliest, a freelance writer and licensing expert views it is the thing he has been saying for years.

Facing a stiff competition from Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo’s consoles have been struggling to capture the gaming market, except in Japan.

Here is the full analysis of Jeff:

“Nintendo is working on an Android tablet as the successor to 3DS. The 2DS is a sniff on a form factor to see if people will go for it. They’ll do that well before they do a phone.

The problem is that Nintendomwill make all the same mistakes they aleays do. They will make a product for Japan, whose immediate habits are increasingly divergent from the rest of the world. They’ll continue to make the same old stuff they are now, and the. They’ll wonder why people aren’t buying their underpowered pricey tablet with the locked down App Store.

Emulators work just fine on virtually any smartphone from the last fee years, at least up to n64, and most of them should, be able to cover that just fine. I realy don’t see Nintendo giving up enough control to make it successful. They need to launch a mother app for ios/Android, and start selling the back catalog. A bluetooth SNES style pad that can flip onopoly the phone would do nicely.”

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