Sri Lankan fans think they did not lose a match, they lost the cricket world’s respect

Pakistan 3rd test winWhat defines a great win in sports? Yesterday Pakistan proved that more than anything it is the manner in which the game played itself and everyone in the cricketing world was convinced that this spirit defined a great game.

It was such a great victory that every one around is thinking that Sri Lanka did not just lose a Test match in Sharjah, they lost the cricket world’s respect.

The Sri Lankan players by the end of the play had realized that they did not use the right tactics.It all became evident when Sri Lanka’s captain presented a useless denial that negativity did not cause their defeat.

He suggested that instead his batsmen should have been more patient in their second innings. No neutral fan of cricket or even Lanka fan did appreciate this approach and on social media, the reactions of Sri Lanka’s own supporters turned from disappointment to anger to disgust.

Finally on twitter they admitted that this was Sri Lanka’s most coward showing in the professional era.

If their captain’s comments after the match are analyzed, it seems as if the team is out of touch not only with the spirit of cricket, but the with will of the fans who support it. So this match was more than a match for us Pakistanis because we can draw significant inspiration from their victory.That’s why it was a great victory

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