Passenger-drone flight to work from July 2017

Passenger-drone flight to work in July 2017 | Dubai drone

DUBAI – Hiring an aircraft was a dream coming true as a single passenger drone flight to operate in the upcoming July 2017 in Dubai.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, Dubai rulers planned to introduce drone-based flights in the city which will carry a single passenger at a time to have insight into the arial view of the city.

In Dubai state, drone flights will officially launch in upcoming July 2017, the officials sail.

This was said by the head of reconstruction and information, Mitohio-ul-Tahir during a conference with world leaders.

He said that the Chinese model ‘ E Hang 184’ has already conducted trial flights successfully, adding that this drone has the capacity of carrying one passenger of 100 kg for duration 30 minutes.

Besides, only a single touch screen has been installed to control the drone flight.

According to the video released by Information Department, the drone is being controlled by an automatic pilot from the command centre.

It is said the drone flies at a speed of 100 miles per hour, and it is capable of operating for 30 millies on a single battery.

Media reports say that Al Tahir noted. ‘This is not a single model, but we have observed Dubai atmosphere through its flight.

This drone has also been used in the American state of Nawadha in 2016.

A senior lecturer at the University of West of England from the Department of flights, Dr Stio Right said while talking to media that the safety system plays a significant role in flying.

He stated that this system works correctly and smoothly in the normal conditions, but the real test of this drone flight will only be checked in the case of an emergency that how it tackle such a situation.

The doctor said that at least he would not prefer such a flight for himself.

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