Depression, thinking increases immunity rather than causing deaths

Depression, thinking increases immunity rather than causing deaths: Report| disease immunity

CALIFORNIA/ ISLAMABAD – A study says if a person is in a state of depression and thinking process then it helps in improving the immunity system of the body rather than causing deaths, reported.

According to the report, a common phenomenon is that the state of depression leads a person to switch on ‘flight and fight mood’ of the body.

However, a new study revealed that thinking and depression makes a person strong as depression related cells destroy the unwanted body cells, bringing improvement in the immunization process.

It is true that thinking and depression makes a person ‘a living corpse’ but it is also a fact that depression has not led to anyone’s death yet while every individual departs this world after spending a specific amount of time.

According to Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP), the ‘stressful heat shock’ develops during the state of thinking and depression in the body which can compete with disease internally.

This causes the growth of protein while removing all other proteins that may lead to dangerous psychological conditions including Parcancer and Alzheimers, and in turn, it reduces the chances of these diseases in the body.

Experts say Swana bath and Yoga can also give us such type of benefits and relieves since they also produce hate-shocks which make a person stronger and strengthen their immunity system.

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