Pakistan-born astronaut Hiba Rehman to serve NASA

Pakistan-born astronaut, Hiba Rehman to serve NASA | scientist Hiba Rehman

FLORIDA – In defiance to the overwhelming prejudice and hate for Muslims globally, a Pakistan-born scientist, Hiba Rehman has been appointed in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

According to PakistanTribe science desk, a Pakistani-born female scientist was appointed in NASA to examine and test all the latest space technologies including Space Rockets, Pegasus, XL and Falcon Nine, etc.

It is a commonly acknowledge fact that ethnic and religiously biased attitudes are on the rise across the world, though knowledge today cannot be specified as the asset of any particular nation rather than following common approach.

The report says that though Hiba Rehman has been given such an important position, she would not be allowed to do her duties without prior permission in operating space technologies including Rocket and Space air crafts.

She was born in Pakistan, and then their family shifted to Kuwait in the early age. There she remained stuck along with her parents at the border between Iraq and Sudan during the war in Iraq as refugees, and according to many, this was the moment which inspires her to start her journey towards becoming an astronaut. Afterwards, she went back to Pakistan and then again shifted to Kuwait at the end of the war and continued her studies there.

In 1997, Hiba took admission at the University of Central Florida as she was willing to become a scientist.

After her graduation in 2000, she associated with a renowned aircraft production company ‘Boeings’, and there she started examining various international space stations.

Next, she completed her master degree from a varsity named ‘Georgia Tech’ to pursue her career as the space person.

She has now been posted in NASA as Avionics and Flight control engineer. She will be assessing and testing all the latest space-related machinery including rockets, Pegasus, XL and Falcon Nine.

The scientist says she is a supporter of women education and their role in the field of science and technology for which she has been part of many such programs.

When she was asked about the secret of success, she replied that hard work, as well as consistency alone, is the key to success.

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