Scientists unveils a superbug protecting protein

Scientists unveils a superbug protecting protein | Antibiotic resistence

AUSTRALIA – Australian scientists have developed a road map of a protein that protects superbugs from the antibiotic.

According to PakistanTribe, a new study revealed that new medicines could be made against those germs that develop immunity to antibiotic drugs.

The protein named, EptA allows some strains to ignore colistin; an antibiotic used when all other treatments fail, the study noted.

Experts warned that the biggest danger facing the humanity in the 21st century is the failure of the antibiotic drugs against germs.

The leading researcher Professor Alice Vrielink says, “Her findings will help in making such medicines which will stop the process of hiding the germs with the aid of protein.”

‘We think that proteins are like a lock in the room which has a proper shape, we can observe its form and size through its 3D mapping.”

This study has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to global health organisation, every year 0.7 million people are being died due to the increasing immunity level of germs against antibiotics.

According to an estimate if this danger was not overcome and tackled then the number of deaths will increase to 10 million by 2050.

Currently, colistin, an antibiotic is the last drug to fight against the increasing immunity of medicines in the use of antibiotics; however there exist a huge number of germs around the world which could not be affected by Coalisteen.

The politicians also fear that if such kinds of germs become prevalent, then incurable diseases will cause endemic.

Dr Wariling said, ‘This protein gives an opportunity to bacteria to hide from the body immunity and antibiotics.’

He believed that it would take several years in making such drugs on a broader scale; however the designing of ‘epta protein’ is the first attempt in this regard.


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