‘Not willing to break Hijab laws in Iran’: Ann Linde

‘Not willing to break Hijab laws in Iran’: Ann Linde|www.pakistantribe.com Ann Linde

SWEDEN – Sweden Trade Minister Ann Linde says she wore a headscarf in Iran because she was not willing to break the local laws, PakistanTribe.com reported.

According to Pakistan tribe world desk, a delegation led by Ann Linde visited Iran for business purpose where the women participants followed veil laws in the country.

The female members of Sweden delegations were seen walking before Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran wearing Chadors, long coats and headscarf by Iran’s laws.

After the revolution in Iran in 1979, spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini declared that women should observe Islamic dress code, thus making hijab a mandatory for all women in Iran.

Since Sweden is purely a secular country, therefore Islamic rules and traditions are quite strange for them—today feminist reign supreme in the Swedish government.

However, the news about the woman trade minister of Sweden while wearing a headscarf in Iran drew much criticism and opprobrium for the Swedish government, yet Ann Linde robustly defended her scarf.

She says that she did not have any option; either she would have to cover herself or cancel the business deal with the Iranian government. The government noted that not wearing Hijab was tantamount to flouting the local laws.

Sweden says their country has the world first feminist government working on women rights.

However, leader of the liberal party, Jan Bjorklund says that this action is detrimental to feminist foreign policy, adding that Iran is doing injustice with the women through legislations.

He commented that Sweden should have asked the Iranian government to grant an exception to the female participants of the delegation from the local laws and if they deny then the business deal should have been conducted in any third country.

On this occasion, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was also present in Iran who said he had taken this issue of ‘human rights’ with President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani.

Earlier in 2015, the wife of former US President Obama visited Saudi Arabia on the demise of Saudi King Abdullah where she did not wear hijab. Meanwhile, many other women leaders of the world have also followed this precedent over the years.

Unlike Iran, wearing the headscarf is not mandatory for foreigner women in Saudi Arabia as Sweden trade minister say she would not wear hijab on her next visit to Saudi Arabia.


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