Trump’s national security advisor resigns on telling lies

Trump’s national security advisor resigns on contacts with Russia | telling lies

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, General Michael Flynn resigned Monday on misleading the vice president, Mike Pence over his contacts with Russian ambassador, reported.

According to PakistanTribe world desk, General Flynn accepted in his resignation letter that he talked to the Russian ambassador during the transition period and discussed lifting sanctions on Russia, but he provided wrong information to Mike Pence.

The General explained that these calls were meant to facilitate a smooth transition and to start a smothering relationship between the two countries which he believed is a standard procedure.

Since the national security adviser has misinformed the vice president, therefore he apologised to him, quitting his position as the national security adviser.

According to detail, the advisor contacted the Russia ambassador before the US president Trump’s oath ceremony and talked to him about US sanctions which were imposed on Russia after its attack on Ukraine.

The US media says the ministry of justice warned the White House about the issue of contacts that occurred last month. Further, the reports warned that the Russian black mailing can influence Flynn.

Earlier, the White House said President Trump is assessing the ongoing situation his advisor’s contact with the Russian ambassador.

Michal Flynn became the target of an intense criticism when media reports revealed his role in carrying out several phone calls to Russian ambassador few days before the oath taking ceremony of Donald Trump.

The vice president, Mike Pence has earlier denied the allegation on behalf of Michal Flynn; however, after this Michal told the officials that it was possible that discussion would have been held on sanctions.

On Monday evening, Sean Spicer, the spoke person of White House said President Trump has been assessing the situation.

The General has apologised to the vice president on misinforming the Trump administration on his contact with the Russian ambassador which has also been accepted.

In December last year, the General talked multiple times with a Russian ambassador on the phone. With the support of the vice president, Mike Pence, he denied that he has not spoke to a Russian ambassador on the sanctions imposed after Russian attack on Ukraine or the alleged Russian hacking in the American presidential election.

However, afterwards the present and former officials had told the Washington Post that these topics have come under discussion between the two staff members.

Flynn has been a lieutenant general in the American army, and he was later on appointed as the advisor of national security.

He was removed from the position of Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2014 due to his views on radical Islam.

Michal Flynn severely criticised the policies of the former US President Barak Obama on the so-called Islamic State (IS) during the election campaign.



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