Every sixth Pakistani student addicted to Internet: Report

One out of 6 students addicted of Internet: Report|www.pakistantribe.com Internet addiction

RAWALPINDI – According to recent research, 16.7 percent of Pakistani students are addicted to the internet, affecting boys and girls equally.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent from Islamabad, the current edition of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences (PJMS) says 16.7 percent of participants (students) from army medical college Rawalpindi were moderately suffering from the use of the internet while an extreme level internet addiction was found among 0.6 percent of the students.

The report noted that no distinction had been discovered in the male and female data; all the boys and girls were equally involved in using the internet.

Those students who used to play physical games had fewer tendencies of internet related sufferings.

It has been long since the popularity of the internet has skyrocketed in Pakistan, but the situation has now reached to such an extent that a proper medical term ‘Internet Addiction Disorder’ (IAD) has been devised which means: not overcoming oneself in using the internet, which leads to physical, psychological and social problems.

While the internet helps students to communicate and study or prepare assignments, yet it is making the students addicting to it like other drugs.

In the last few years, the use of internet has spread like a wild fire in the country. According to Social Media Management institutions ‘Hot Suit’ report ‘Digital in 2017’ a 20 percent increase has noticed in 2016 as compare to 2017 in Pakistan and now around 3.5 crores people are using the internet and around 72 percent people are using the internet on mobile phone.

However, studies in the boys in Hongkong and Iran are most often more addicted to the internet than the girls.

Internet addiction is like any other addiction and quitting this addiction has a severe effect on the body.


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