Valentine’s Day: Pakistani court imposes ban on celebration

Valentine’s Day—Islam or Un-Islamic: Govt imposes ban on celebration | Valentine Day

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani court on Monday ordered to ban Valentine’s Day celecration on public places, reported.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, reports attributed to Islamabad High Court (IHC) noted that the court has imposed ban on Valentine’s Day to be celebrated in the public places.

IHC also directed print and electronic media to restrain from airing or publishing the advertisement related to the Valentine’s Day.

There is a strong majority in Pakistan who beleive that Valentine’s Day is against Islamic principles and basic ethical values because of it’s vulgar and immoral practices.

According to one school of thought Valentine Day has become a serious threat for spreading immorality and unethical behaviors—respect and honour of boys and girls in Pakistan will go down the drain.  As the young generation adopts this trend of amorous affairs in their minor age while negating the real danger and its impacts in the longer run which destroy their life.

The pro Valentine’s Day lobby says they want to celebrate this festival tp spread love.

Pakistan is also among the special focus where many groups including corporate world trying best to make Valentine’s Day, a routine for Pkistanis but still there is clear rift between pro and anti groups.

Every year February 14 is celebrated as the Valentine’s Day where people have adopted a tradition of exchanging cards, candy, gifts and flowers with their special “valentine.”  A controversial ‘day of romance’ is named for a Christian and dates back to the 5th century.

Historically, Valentine’s Day started from the time a jolly old fellow called St. Valentine, a soldier married secretly as he was not allowed to marry as it is going to bring him a bad reputation. Since then this day is celebrated while narrating the stories of those who either fail to attain their love or faced with other misadventures in the love and romance.

According to Tariq Hussain, a Pakistani scholor based in Islamabad, Holy Quran directs the believing men and women to lower their gaze and protect themselves from the torment of the fire. First, men are asked to lower their gaze when they see a ‘Na Mehrum’ a marriageable woman and then directed the women to protect themselves from indecency.

No doubt, Indo-Aryan literature is filled with romanticism but it does not mean to break the rules of decency and ethics which is entirely against nature of human beings.

Many consider that there should be no problem in observing a specific day when people make special gestures towards their loved ones especially parents, siblings and children.

But the issue of Valentine does not end here, there exists a rising level of vulgarity, obscenity and unethical behavior in the public, hence ruining the central values and ethics for which Allah Almighty has sent Prophets on succeeding generation to be human beings, in contrast the rise of glamour and fashion on the media added fuel to the fire by making artificial demand of the ‘harmful activities and products’ on almost all aspects of life, said Nazish Hassan while talking to

Last year, even President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain came out on the media and asked the masses not to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it is against Islamic values, yet many claimed-to-be-liberals criticize him for such a move because they view moral policing should not be followed.


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