India – most dangerous country of world: Report

India—most dangerous country of world: Indian paper claims | most dangerous country

NEW DELHI – The Indian newspaper claims India is the most dangerous country of the world while published data about last year bomb blasts in the countary, reported.

According to the data available to PakistanTribe, India is the most unsafe and unprotected country of the world as it has crossed Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in violent activities and bomb explosions.

Around 337 bomb blasts occurred in India last year as compared with the bomb blasts in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan which were 170, 208 and 121 respectively, reported an Indian newspaper while quoting National Bomb Data Center (NBDC)

NBDC data show that 12 Indian states facing rapid increase in bobm blasts as compare to 2015, even countary capital city Dehli isn’t safe from such incidents.

The bomb explosions and its aftermath — overwhelming fear and uncertainties are looked as measuring tool for checking order, peace and security in a country; however countries with over nationalistic tendencies resort to realpolitik in manipulating the original data.

India - most dangerous country of world: Report | pakistantribe.comThis how the international media coverage is slanted and partial in their treatment of the Muslim world, today these news give impression that the world’s inhumane and savage terror groups have opened slaughter houses to kill human beings there, and the public places are recurrently being ravaged by bomb blasts—the reality is otherwise around.

In contrast, the Global Peace Index (GPI) also uses three mainly broad themes in measuring the level of safety and security in society, which is unfortunately putting the Muslims countries on the top of the insecure countries.

This statistics present the issue of under reported cases of violence in the India despite the fact that the surging violence due to freedom movement in India.

Though the terror events in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are due to either proxy war or internal disturbances for quite sometimes but India is believed and backed by International community to surpass China in development yet it is ravaged with the most devastating circumstances.

Those who employ the power of propaganda and follow a specific agenda will sometimes have to be uncovered as the same happened in the case of India and its allies in the revelation of these statistics.

The media reports indicate North-Eastern states of India including: Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Arisa and Jarh Kand have been affected gravely. In all these states, movements for freedom have been underway due to the atrocities and injustices meted upon them by the Indian government.

The wave of terror and fear psychosis is not only restricted to these sates; however bomb attacks continue in many other parts of India.



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