PSL Corruption: Sharjeel, Khalid to be banned for life?

PPSL Corruption: Sharjil, Khalid to be banned for life? |

DUBAI – In abiding to make cricket a fair game, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) hovers over imposing a permanent ban on batsmen Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif, reported.

Since the revival of cricket in Pakistan has been delayed due to the terror attack on Sri Lankan team, a wave of disappointment was seen in the political scenario, and the world cricket teams ignored visiting Pakistan.

The PCB considers imposing a permanent ban on Sharjeel and Khalid to protect the credibility of the cricket administration.

In the ongoing T 20 league in Dubai, the two batsmen were suspended amidst the allegation of their involvement in match fixing.

As per the Pakistan Anti-Corruption Code, it is a prerequisite to report. If any attempt of match fixing is found, the result will be a complete ban on both players.

In this regard, confessional statements of two players have been recorded, and it is likely that a charge-sheet will be presented on the upcoming Tuesday.

Soon as the allegation of match-fixing were reported, the PCB immediately swung into action while suspending batsmen Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif and had sent back to Pakistan.

Due to the prevalence of uncertainties and confusion in the players, Najim Sethi, chairman PCB told all the teams that they should be relaxed and play cricket with calmness because no further suspension will take place.


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