What a shame for Pakistan Idol judges, Maria Meer releases her first video song

What a shame for Pakistan idol judges, Maria Meer releases her first video song | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Wow!!! This was totally unexpected and for the judges of Pakistan Idol it’s almost a slap in the face.

Maria Meer, the female singer, rejected by Pakistan idol in the first round  has released her first video song which is an instant hit on the facebook.

This melodious video song seems like a gift for the music lovers  as the two talented young singers of Pakistan Amanat Ali and Maria Meer have done it together.

Till now there have been plenty of speculations about what kind of singer Maria Meer will become because the judges f Pakistan Idol had said that she has zero stage confidence and a voice so low that can not be used for songs, however, in this video she has come across as a quite confident singer.

The name of the video song is ” naina lage”. In this video Amanat Ali has literally shown how a young singer needs encouragement and what kind of support a singer needs.

So even the story of this video is a kind of comment on what is happening in Pakistan idol.


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