Pakistani Youth and “University Scholarships – Free Education in Europe”

Pakistani Youth and  “University Scholarships – Free Education in Europe” | PakistanTribeHence proved that Pakistan’s youth bulge is in fact often fond of the terms “University Scholarships – Free Education in Europe”.

However, after reading the last blog on PakistanTribe many students made contact through social media to tell their stories where ghost educationists had robbed them. Almost everyone requested not to reproduce their story, in least not with their and institute’s name.

Fear, is it? What kind of education and brought up, those institutes in particular and the society in general, are providing which do not even let our youth to stand against deception? Bravo to those higher education institutes for remarkably and successfully running his highness Lord Macaulay’s programme even after 180 years.

Once Lord Macaulay orchestrated thwart of our values and made us believe being inferior. Now these few so called higher education institutes are making our youth deprived of what they deserve i.e. credit for their own intellect and courage to raise voice against ghost educationists.

Those few institutes, I have been referring to, are marred with lack of built-in policy or will power to initiate any step to bar the ghost educationists. Advising them and presenting solutions is not anyone else’s job as they have been keeping high salary and good-for-nothing advisers for it. But I can tell students how to crush the necks of ghost educationists. It is very simple. Just read and understand the following steps:

1-      Always be skeptic about the ghost educationist like where he is studying, what is/was the topic of his thesis, what projects he is currently working on, why he is giving you or the whole class a particular research topic etc.

2-      Never accept the research topic which ghost educationist assign to the whole class unless he gives a really nice and valid reason.

3-      Go Public! Now it is very important. Whatever assignment you do, throw it out on internet and blogosphere. There are tens of websites which could accommodate your writings with minor modification or you can start your own blog on free service providers.

4-      The question of plagiarism. Well you’re right as plagiarism checker would highlight your piece for being already published. But you can easily avoid it by giving a footnote/endnote of your own piece.

5-      If you cannot approach any of websites then at least put it on your facebook as ‘Notes’. See its far better than putting ‘Selfies’ and useless statuses.

These five steps could become a heart attack for any ghost educationist. Just try it once. Happy life ahead and of course without being intellectually robbed!

One clarification as someone raised this issue that not only a ghost educationist who could rob a student. Fellow students also do that and perhaps more often. It could be right. But a fellow student could be fought back and argued. One can make a fellow student feel ashamed. Can you do that with a ghost educationist who has somehow a license to rob your intellect? I know your answer would be a big NO.

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