Karachi Operation: Past, Present and Future

Karachi Operation: Past, Present and Future | PakistanTribeIn 2013, Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif visited Karachi about Seven months ago, in order to sought a permanent solution for the day by day deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi. In Karachi the already established network of banned outfit helped settling in the outsiders to control the city.

After Sharif’s visit, everyone was expecting a full scale operation against the criminals, extortionists, land grabbers, anti-state elements as well as the banned outfits and the PM Nawaz also adamant on giving peace back to Karachi.  The command of Karachi’s operation was given to CM Qaim Ali Shah and MQM the city’s biggest holder despite of having serious reservations and horrific past experiences agreed to cooperate unconditionally for the sake of restoring peace in Karachi.

Karachi operation was initially limited to targeted operations of the LEA’s against target killers, extortionists and other anti-state elements like ‘Illegal Water Hydrants Mafia’. Right after the spree of suicide blasts and targeted sectarian killings the need of the time was that operation should be focused on banned militant outfits. But the Police chief Shahid Hayat never showed interest in curbing the real threat to Karachi rather he politicized himself in the name of operation. The Police raided offices of the largest political party of the city and even charged some ex lawmakers with fake cases. On the other hand banned outfits were openly carrying their criminal activities around the city.

Here is the report on targeted operation from last five month (Still continue) performance of LEAs in metropolis. According to the newly released data by Police and Rangers, 2013 was the deadliest year in the history of Karachi which claims 2,700 lives.

1 – Law enforcement agencies conducted almost 9,229 targeted raids in the metropolis, in which 13,906 suspected criminals were arrested. According to the data,  8,469 weapons also recovered in these raids. 519 cases of extortion reported in last year out of which LEAs claimed to have arrested 253 extortionists (101 by police, 152 by Rangers).

2 – The graph of street crimes, bank robberies and vehicle (theft and snatching) is increasing day by day. With 3,086 robberies in year 2013, 28 bank robberies, and 10,501 reported mobile snatching, LEAs could arrest only 321 robbers and 149 street criminals.

3 – 26,352 cases of vehicle (Theft and Snatched) reported in year 2013. Out of which 22,284 cases of motorcycles being either stolen (16,083) or snatched (6,201). There were 4,068 cases of four wheelers being either stolen (3,222) or snatched (846).

2013 was also the deadliest year for law enforcement personnel as well. 172 policemen were killed in the city, along with 19 comrades from the Rangers.

Chaudhry Aslam, the man who used to roar like a lion and fight like a gladiator against TTP in Karachi, met his fate for his brave stance. SP CID Ch. Aslam single-handedly unleashed hell on TTP(Taliban), who were so afraid of him they didn’t even dare to come in his front like man. After making many cowardly attacks, finally TTP succeeded with their last suicide attack that killed SP CID Chaudhry Aslam Khan.  “These elements are a serious threat to law and order in the city”, said a senior police officer on the condition of anonymity.

On Sunday, evidence collected from the crime scene was sent to Islamabad for forensic examinations while law enforcement agencies have also investigated employees of SP Aslam at his home and office. “We have interrogated his guards as part of an investigation process into his death”, the officer added.

Following the investigation, Rangers personnel conducted a targeted operation in the city’s Essa Nagri neighborhood and arrested 12 suspects, recovering a cache of ammunition from their possession. Operations were also conducted in other areas, particularly those dominated by Pushtun residents, including Qasba Colony, Gul Goth, Al Asif, Manghopir, Gulshan-e-Bunir and dozens of suspected activists of banned outfits were arrested. We can’t rule out the statement given by the widow of Ch. Aslam in which she said that “The last call Ch. Aslam received before his death was from AIG Shahid Hayat who had asked the late SP to report to work immediately. A few days before his death, SP Aslam had also received a call from his gunman who died with him in the suicide attack. The gunman had told the police officer that his life was in danger. SP Aslam had wanted to discuss an important issue with me before his death”

Now the question which arises here is that, after Ch. Aslam is there any single officer in Sindh who have courage to challenge and counter the increasing influence of banned outfits like TTP, SSP, LeJ and PAC in Karachi? Is Karachi left on the mercy of officials likes Shahid Hayat? The officials like him, who are expert of fake encounters and political adventurism and blame the biggest political stakeholder and representative party of the city for their failure.

Karachi operation is the last hope for the city and I would like to appeal the CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, Interior Minister Ch Nisar and PM Nawaz Sharif to take serious steps regarding the increasing influence of banned outfits in the city and give the command of Karachi opreation to the hands of capable and courageous officers who can take the legacy of Shaheed Ch Aslam forward.

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