Umar Akmal acting video goes viral on social media

As actor Umer Akmal in a viral video on social media Umer Akmal video| Umer Akmal video

KARACHI – Pakistani cricket player Umar Akmal’s acting video went viral on a social media, reported.

According to the PakistanTribe’s correspondent, Umer Akmal tried to act like a rock start in his recent video which gone viral due to his funny acting.

Another video of a national cricketer Umer Akmal come on the forefront and the audience will never control their laughter after watching the video.

According to detail, Umer has adopted a style of rock star while wearing a shirt with the emblem of dollar having a slanted hate on his head, trying his level best to act like a rock star by holding a microphone.

It is definite that one would feel difficulty in recognizing Umer Akmal but it will spread laughter in the audience.

According to the media reports, with the latest video Akmal has also garnered a lot of attention, but this time the Pakistani cricketer is getting trolled for the three-second video that he posted on Twitter.




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