Creativity is the well-integrated philosophy of life: Experts

Creativity is the well-integrated philosophy of life: Experts | PakistanTribeKARACHI – A seminar on ‘Creative Ideas on Good Governance-2014’ concluded on Monday in Karachi. Organized by ‘Creativity for Humanity Project (CHP)’ in collaboration with, many distinguished scholars, creative thinking experts and business consultants participated in the seminar.

The purpose of this seminar was to generate untapped creative ideas that may help run matters of governance and state administration in the right and most efficient manner.

The lead trainer and creative thinking expert Mr. Faizan Usmani said that creative thinking tends to be the most misinterpreted phenomenon by all of us, and when anyone is asked to be creative in his works, he comes up with colorful drawings and glossy images meticulously pasted on a piece of paper.

“The words ‘creative thinking’ makes us use poetic expressions and Shakespearian vocabulary with our daily languages, and for many of us creative thinking is equal to being trendy in the selection of clothes from a boutique of a renowned fashion designer.

And when it comes to devise sensible planning and workable ideas to deal with any social and economic concern, our policy makers and social reformers are just pathetic to the core”, Mr. Usmani said.

He said that there are many motorcycle manufacturing plants operating locally, but none of them has introduced the ‘most-needed bike’, which is designed according to our local conditions (e.g. Karachi), where there often remains a ban on pillion riding, and people have no choice, but to commute through local buses. Our local motorcycle manufacturers should design those ‘law-abiding’ bikes and motorcycles, which can be used for travelling with more than a single man, even without violating the imposed ban on the pillion riding.

“Similarly, here local women sit sideways on the pillion seat of the motorcycles due to socio-cultural values and trends. Sitting sideways is not an easy task, and it requires additional care to keep up the body in balance, and a little negligence during travelling may cause serious injuries to women pillion riders all of a sudden. To date, motorcycle manufacturers have not introduced any motorcycle in the local market, which can be referred as ‘women-friendly”, Faizan Usmani cautioned. “To create is to turn a minus into a plus, or to look for possibilities out of impossibilities. This is a well-integrated philosophy of life, rather than depiction of meaningless lines needlessly drawn on blank paper. Creative thinking paves the way for continuous human growth, and also takes the humanity out of suffering. Though it mostly goes unnoticed, but, we are, actually, served by the creativity round the clock”, Faizan Usmani said.

In the opening session of the seminar, Faizan Usmani proposed a multipurpose solution for the rapid growth, development and provincial solidarity across the country.

According to Faizan Usmani, “There is a dire need to periodically change the national and provincial capitals of Pakistan, and we must periodically shift the designated capital cities (both national and provincial) recurrently to new locations”.

Mr. Usmani said that the proposed periodic change of federal and provincial capitals will pave the way for the rapid development and growth in less developed rural and urban areas. “Shifting both national and provincial capitals to new places will be a revolutionary step ever taken by any government as it will solve a number of issues related with under development, slow-moving progress as well as a sense of escalating loneliness and economic and political deprivation in some areas of the country”, he explained.

Shifting the capital would not be a new experience for Pakistan as we have already experienced the same capital shifting event in 1960. Beyond all attributes, e.g. climate, location, logistics, and defense requirements, etc. we can easily select a suitable site for the national capital to achieve listed objectives. For example, Dubai and Sharjah once remained simply deserted areas on the map of the world are now recognized as the highly-developed and the modern states of the world.

If shifting the country’s national capital (Islamabad) is not that feasible at the moment, then we can, at least, think upon shifting our provincial capital cities to the new locations.

You may take it as a quick-fix development recipe, or a crash-course to bring about a sea-change in our poor, backward areas, but this will facilitate the development flow to the nominated Capital-To-Be city and region, being like a catalyst to speed up the sluggish rate of development particularly in backward areas. It’s some sort of trickle-down of power to rather non-significant areas of the country and the very process is kind of a programmed devolution of regional significance and pride to the grassroots level. “We don’t mean to build the upcoming capital cities from the scratch, but at least they could reach up to the desired living standards”, Faizan Usmani concluded. Many other distinguished speakers also addressed in the Seminar. In the end, various participants also shared their ideas for better governance within the country.


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