Trump outburst on the US Courts on travel ban review

Trump outburst on the US Courts on travel ban review | Trump criticizing travel ban revive

WASHINGTON – Since the travel ban has become a contentious subjection in the US, the American President Donald Trump robustly criticised the US Courts on reviewing the executive order on the travel ban.

Being the US president,  Trump said that he has the right to impose ban those going to his country and defended his ban on the Muslim countries.

Since Trump imposed a travel ban on 25 January on the seven Muslim countries including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen and then the Court in America suspended that ban—a proceeding is also underway in the appellate court on the overview of that particular decision.

Earlier, the appellate court asked whether the Trump travel ban is not discriminatory in nature when only the Muslims are made the target, to which the spokesperson of defence department had replied that Somalian citizens are found to have been involved in many cases in the US.

Donald Trump during his meeting with the chief of the police commented that the appellate court review on the travel ban is worthy of shame which is being carried on the political basis.

The US constitution is no doubt the most rigid and inflexible, though it presents an awesome way of keeping reciprocal ‘Checks and Balance’; the judiciary keeps an eye on the executive, in turn, the President regulate the judiciary in one way or the other. Therefore, challenging each other’s orders and activities is the part of the US constitution.

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