Rein family with 500 members still live in China

Rein family 500 members | 500 family members

BEIJING – As the era of globalisation and urbanisation has abysmally transformed the family system, yet one of the Chinese families surprised the world through a group photo of 500 family members.

This Chinese family has been living in a village named Shishey, in the eastern province of Ji Giang in a jointly for decades. However, such situations have now become almost extinct.

According to details, this Rein Family is around 8500-year-old, and their young generation still clings to the family moors and traditional values.

Many sociologists believe that the institution of the family plays a vital role in tackling multiple challenges in daily life: reducing the financial problems, increasing the happiness level of the members besides creating a tranquil environment for the safety of the group life.

The Rein Family has further increased their effort to investigate and brings all other members of their family to the forefront.

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