Grandmaster Ashraf Tai admits match-fixing after decades

Ashraf Tai admits match fixing after decades | Ashraf Tai match fixing

ISLAMABAD – Ashraf Tai, the grand martial art master, who has also been awarded the Medal of Excellence (Tamgha e Imtiaz) admits of fixing the match against the German fighter back in 1989.

According to PakistanTribe sports desk, Ashraf Tai confessed that he had qualified for the final match in the tournament where he resorted to fixing the martial art match over a sum of  $ 0.5 million. He added this way he lost the martial art match.

While speaking about the martial art match in 1989, Ashraf Tai says that his competition has nothing to do with Pakistan. He adds that match fixing is a routine matter in the martial arts.

However, the game lovers viewed that this was an International competition which popularized Pakistan in martial art, adding that when an artist resort to bribery then the whole nation feel debasement, therefore artists should be cautious in committing any wrongdoings.


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