‘Killers of police personnels sitting in the parliament’: IG Sindh

‘Killers of police personnels sitting in the parliament’: Allah Dino khawaja IG Sindh |www.thenpakistantribe.com

KARACHI –  The Inspector General Sindh (IG Sindh) AD Khawaja on Tuesday revealed that the killers of police personals are sitting in the parliament as all the officers who participated in Karachi operation in 1996 have been killed selectively.

While talking to media in Karachi, the IG Sindh AD Khawaja said that the situation of Karachi was troublesome in the 1990s as killings were on the zenith; however, the Sindh police successfully conducted operation alone, but that issue has been politicised.

He added that all those officers who took part in the operation had been targeted and their killers were still sitting in the parliament, adding that even the society remained silent over this issue.

The IG also questioned that who had brought Karachi on clutches, adding that the Sindh police conducted operation alone in the 1990s.


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