‘Who will marry me’: says Saleem Shahzad

‘Who will marry me’: says Saleem Shahzad | pakistantribe.com

KARACHI – In a bid to counter the questions by journalists, ex-MQM leader Saleem Shahzad wittingly asked who would marry him and then he would have to decide his political career.

The former leader of MQM, Saleem Shahzad, after ending a self-exile said that he would decide about the future of his political career when it is determined that who will marry him.

As per the Pakistan Tribe Correspondent, Saleem Shahzad was produced before the anti-terrorism court on Tuesday.

When the former MQM leader was asked about his chances to join any political party, he replied that he would think about his political career after the marriage.

Shahzad ended his self-exile and reached Karachi airport Monday, who was then arrested from Karachi Airport.

He is wanted to police in more than 20 cases regarding killing, enmity with Pakistan and other cases, however, Shahzad responded that all the cases against him were closed down under National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

The ex MQM leader said that he was detained in only one of the case and now it has to be seen that what would happen next.

Earlier, Mustafa Kamal, leader of the Pak Sarzameen party said that they would not include Saleem Shahzad in PSP.

Besides, the former MQM leader Nabeel Gabool commented that Saleem Shahzad had been sent to Karachi by the head of the MQM.

Saleem Shahzad said that the politics of Karachi would remain till Karachi.


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