Use lemons like this to get rid of diabetes, obesity

Use lemons like this to get rid of diabetes, obesity |

Lemon is acclaimed world over for its countless health benefits. It is part numerous health recipes and beauty products. Today we are going to reveal how this aromatic and acidulous fruit can help you cure diabetes, cancer and obesity problems.


Lemons are excellent for detoxification of the kidneys and the liver, however, when juiced, the fruit loses its many nutrients. Therefore, freezing is a better option to preserve its health benefits when using.


The peel of the lemon boosts the immune system and offers several health benefits, including regulating cholesterol, preventing cancer, treating bacterial infections and removing parasites and worms from intestines. In fact, studies have found 5 to 10 times more vitamin C in the lemon peel.


The other many benefits of this fruit are the prevention of asthma, fighting inflammation, regulation of high blood pressure, elimination of harmful bacteria, fighting cancer and treating depression and stress.

A nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville claims that lemon smoothies are way healthier than juices, as they also contain the peel and other parts of the fruit.


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