Over 18000 Mobilink-Warid employees opted for VSS

Over 18000 Mobilink-Warid employees opted for VSS

Chif Executive of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim has revealed Monday that more than 1,800 employees from Mobilink and Warid have opted for VSS.

Aamir Ibrahim was speaking to media persons in Islamabad.

Mobilink and Warid — during the merger — had announced VSS for all the direct, contractual and other employees to avail the opportunity for a hassle free transition of their careers.

Employees who opted for will receive:

  • One gross salary x 1.5 x number of years with Mobilink or Warid
  • Free medical insurance for one year
  • Any provident fund

“We couldn’t let all of the applicants go because we have a business to run, so we had to reject a good number of VSS applications”, he said.

Aamir Ibrahim while explaining the agitation from Warid franchisees said there were a total of about 660 franchisees from both Warid and Mobilink.

He stated that some 260 franchisees out of the total number were terminated and they included from both Warid (80%) and Mobilink (20%).

“Naturally it was not possible for us to keep all of them, especially in cases where both Warid and Mobilink franchisees were next to each other”, he explained.

Aamir said that to find optimal distribution of franchise network for customers, the company had to let go some of the franchisees.

Aamir said that company hired international consultants and third party appraisers — who were not part of the management — to get a clear view on demand of franchisees to fulfil customers’ needs.

The Jazz CEO further explained that an amicable exit was designed while keeping multiple factors in mind.

He recognised that some of the franchisees are upset but said that one-third of all terminated franchise partners have accepted the terms, signed the letters and collected their severance benefits.


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