Lindsay Lohan reveals her interest in Islam

The Holy Quran provides me ‘solace and calmness’: Lindsay Lohan reveals |

NEW YORK – The American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan revealed that the Holy Quran provides “a solace and a safe thing for me to have.”

She said this while talking to Kuwaiti talk show.

It is noted that Lindsay was noticed wearing the hijab in Turkey, and she has fasted just like Muslims.

She explained that she fasted for few days along with some friends which was quite hard to continue. She added that she had read 15 pages of the Holy Quran.

She said when she feels calmness when she reads the Holy Quran.

Swar wasted no time grilling the American actress about THAT photo of her holding a copy of the Quran.

Lindsay explained that she was going through a lot when that photo was taken, and the Quran was “a solace and a safe thing for me to have.”

“My intention wasn’t to hold a religious book,” she said, “I was just holding a religious book, but people in America didn’t like it, they judged me for it and were saying nasty things.”

Lindsay, who has recently been spotted wearing the hijab in Turkey, told Swar that she has tried praying the Muslim way and has fasted Ramadan.

“I did Ramadan for three days with my friend from Kuwait, it was hard but it was good. It felt good,” she said.

Not only that but she had also begun learning Arabic as she impressed Swar with her language of Arabic slang, saying “khalas” and “wallah” when he jokingly taught her to say “I love Swar Shuaib” in Arabic.


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