5 Amazing facts US intelligence revealed about Hitler in 1943

Amazing facts US intelligence revealed about Hitler in 1943 | pakistantribe.com

ISLAMABAD – Hitler has been one of the most controversial figures throughout the history. There are several speculations about his profile but they differ in quality. If we ignore everything and only try to focus on a segment of information, it seems that he has his defenders also but his haters are in majority.

Here are few amazing facts about Hitler which the US intelligence believed about him in 1943:

1. He had a frustrating childhood due to which he felt it crucial to exert dominance in all things later. Hitler suffered from intolerable feelings of inferiority, largely stemming from his small, frail, and sickly physical appearance during his childhood.

2. He refused to go to school because he was ashamed that he was a poor student compared to his classmates. Hitler managed his insecurities by worshiping “brute strength, physical force, ruthless domination, and military conquest.”

3. He had Oedipus complex, i.e. love of mother and hate of father. Hitler was subservient and respectful to his father but viewed him as an enemy who ruled the family “with tyrannical severity and injustice.” According to the report, Hitler was envious of his father’s masculine power and dreamed of humiliating him to re-establish “the lost glory of his mother.”

4. He was indecisive and used to lose nerve under pressure. Even at the peak of his power, Hitler suffered from frequent emotional collapses from a guilty conscience.

5. He felt shame about his heritage. Hitler valued “pure, unmixed, and uncorrupted German blood,” which he associated with aristocracy and beauty, according to Murray.


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