Will Pakistan Cricket team feel safe in Bengladesh? What do Pakistanis think?

Will Pakistan Cricket team feel safe in Bengladesh? What do Pakistanis think? | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – How much secure will Pakistan team be in Bengladesh after the current judicial murders of former Pakistanis and attacks on Pakistani embassy?Should Pakistan cricket team  visit Bengladesh?What do Pakistanis think about this question?

It is a big question and PakistanTribe was curious to know all this. We spoke to some people and the answers we got were not very different from each other.

Many Pakistanis recalled that actually Pakistan helped Bengladesh get test status and even sent its players to their premier league but Bengladesh refused to come to Pakistan even after they were offered presidential level security for the entire team.

Pakistani  interior minister gave them  a briefing himself and showed support to Bengladeshi chairman’s bid for the ICC vice-presidency but to no avail.

Now Pakistan team is facing a similar situation.

The people said  that the  difference is that in Pakistan, there were not attacks on Bengalis whereas in Bengladesh, Pakistanis are hanged and attacked But PCB chairman Najam Sethi thinks otherwise.

He thinks assurance of security is enough while Bengalis did not believe in our words.? What should we do? Lets share these thoughts and and see what others think? It will help in building a consensus in this matter

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