Faryal Makhdoom’s strange reaction to Amir Khan’s leaked tape

Faryal Makhdoom’s strange reaction to Amir Khan's leaked tape | Pakistantribe.com

LONDON – Wife of Pakistan-born British boxer Amir, had a ‘strange’ reaction, despite being ‘absolutely disgusted’ by her husband’s alleged involvement in the shameful tape that leaked Tuesday on a porn website, support.

According to The Sun report, Faryal supported Amir in the hard times, despite the fact that she did not like what she heard from media.

An X-rated video on US porn sites allegedly shows the 30-year-old British-Pakistani boxer carrying out a sexual act while speaking to a female model from Arizona on Skype. It is believed the woman in the video first met the boxer in 2010 and that the video was made shortly after Amir married Faryal Makhdoom in 2013.

On Tuesday, 25-year-old Faryal shared a Snapchat post showing images of Amir with his daughter Lamaisah. In one video, his daughter is seen to be boxing with him with the caption: “Haha genes?”

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The family went to watch Amir work out in his gym last night, and Faryal – perhaps realising she would be under even more scrutiny after news of the tape leaked – showed a picture of Lamaisah in the ring with the words “supporting daddy #TeamKhan” written.

Speaking after the sex tape emerged, Amir’s dad Sajjad Khan, 54, asked his critics to ‘beware’. He said, “Unfortunately, because of the position Amir is in people think they can say whatever they like about him; sadly, that is the world we are in. Even if it’s all lies of course it still causes the family some upset.”

He added, “We thought everything was calming down after all the nonsense with his wife and hoped we were starting the New Year afresh and now something else happens. It’s ridiculous. When you are in the public eye allegations surface. Amir is aware of that, it is part and parcel of being famous. Not so long ago someone tried to blackmail my son and there was no truth whatsoever in his claims.”


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