Politician’s daughter reversed her car and hit a policeman

Anam Zia, Politician's daughter reversed her car and hit a policeman | PakistanTribeLAHORE – A poor policeman is fighting for his life in a Lahore hospital after being struck by a car owned by the daughter of a famous PPP politician,Qasim Zia but the arrested girl says she does not worry as she has lawyers who will take care of this incident.

The policeman suffered a serious injury as he fell to the ground and is now in a critical condition in a local hospital.

The driver of the car was the daughter of the politician, Anam Zia,who claims no responsibility of the accident.

She was arrested from the scene and witnesses say the car, which was reversing, hit the policeman but Anam Zia, according to the TV news, says she does not care much about what happened and her lawyers will look after the case.

According  to the SP model town, Lahore the car was reversing with a speed of 70 kilometres an hour as it hit the poor policeman and the girl had no licence when asked.


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