BOL Dilemma: An Open Letter to BOL Administration

BOL Dilemma: An Open Letter to BOL Administration |

BOL Dilemma:

Dear colleagues, BOL management is continuously ignoring us and even dont respond with timeline for our rejoining and dues.

I am disappointed and convinced to launch a protest drive gradually against this injustice.

Employees suffered tough times and stood with management but now management is hiring new people in various news categories.

I myself and many others dont sure about their fate with BOL and dues. We should be allowed to rejoin as per management assurance or atleast be paid our dues at once. Its over a year now.

After release of Shoaib Shaikh sb and other colleagues, they didnt bother to meet us. I will write a detailed post soon. I am very much grateful to Faysal Aziz bhai who supported me to join bol when I was jobless and I didnt want to do it but now once again my family is collapsing as financial crisis is deepening everyday. I have no other option left.

I request you all affected colleagues to once again raise their voice against this cruelty and for their rights.

Akhtar Shaheen Rind
Ex Senior Reporter,
BOL Karachi.


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