PakistanTribe Special: Drugs in Pakistani Universities

pakistantribe special: drugs in pakistan universities |

ISLAMABAD – has recently conducted a discussion with the students of University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore over a very sensitive issues about drugs and its usage in Pakistani Univeristies.

How many drug addicts in Pakistan? how many male and female students involved in it? how the drugs enter in educational institutes? what parents react when they came to know about addiction of their children? these and other important questions have been discussed in 28minutes long discussion organised and produced by PakistanTribe Video Service.

Shahid Abbasi, editor of hosted the discussion whith UET students.

Below are the all three parts of “Drugs in Pakistan Universities – PakistanTribe Special”. You can share your feedback in comments or email us at [email protected]

Drugs in Pakistani Universities – Part 01 – PakistanTribe Special

Drugs in Pakistani Universities – Part 02 – PakistanTribe Special

Drugs in Pakistani Universities – Part 03 – PakistanTribe Special


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