There are limits – Meera with Mubashir Lucman

There are limits - Meera with Lucman | PakistanTribeBefore yesterday no one knew that there was a private video of Pakistani actress Meera floating on the internet.

But after Mubasher Lucman’s show aired on Jan 8, 2013 now Meera’s personal video has gone viral and now everyone is watching it.

Now Meera is being ridiculed by all and her life is being shredded, which could affect her future marital life.

But it seems Mubasher Lucman doesn’t seem to care and deemed it his duty to keep defaming people and intruding into their personal lives. Lucman not only announced that there was an objectionable video of Meera on the net, but he also showed a short video clip of personal moments of Meera and her husband Captain Naveed on his show, which was watched by a variety of people; some people were probably watching this show with their families.

Lucman kept saying he was worried that his daughter would have access to this video on the net. But he never for one moment that now that he was publically announcing that such a video existed and that now younger people including children would now watch this video.

The first thing that comes to mind is why didn’t Captain Naveed and Meera protest against Mubasher Lucman from airing their personal video? They had no need to be defensive about this; on the contrary they this was their private video that Lucman didn’t have a right to show to the world without permission.

Instead Lucman kept taunting them about the videos and the couple kept trying explain themselves, although they didn’t need to.

Have we as a society become scavengers? Why do we enjoy prying into people’s personal lives without feeling any remorse? Don’t we have any morals left? Meera maybe an actress but she has a right to privacy, especially since she has been away from the industry for many years.

PEMRA should enforce laws that stop such intrusion into people’s private lives, so that people like Mubahser Lucman couldn’t use the media to blackmail others. Laws should also be passed to control such intrusion and punishments given to those media personnel and media houses that allow such personal intrusion.

Some limits need to be recognized by the society so that people have the right to protest when someone interferes in their lives. By Hamna Jawed (Pakistani Journalist based in Karachi)


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