Yasmin Elahi, A Lone Warrior in Children’s Literature in Pakistan

Yasmin Elahi, A Lone Warrior in Children's Literature in Pakistan | PakistanTribeRoshan Raahein, the Urdu version of Yasmin Elahi’s award winning book “Follow the Light” has been recently published.

This book won the first prize in a nationwide ‘Competition for the Promotion of Children’s Literature’ held by the National Book Foundation.

Exclusively written for the age group 12 to 16, the book consists of short and inspiring stories from the early history of Islam. Yasmin Elahi’s second book ‘Footsteps’ also won an award from the National Book Foundation, and is expected to hit the book stalls soon. Its Urdu translation ‘Naqsh e Qadam’ is, also, under the editing process.

Yasmin Elahi, A 62-year senior citizen from Karachi, started her career as an author rather late in life. She began by contributing articles to leading English newspapers e.g. Daily Dawn etc. Having proficiency in writing in both English and Urdu languages, Ms. Elahi has translated both her books herself. “Ms. Yasmin Elahi, at the moment, happens to be the only children’s writer in Pakistan who has been repeatedly writing for young readers in both English and Urdu languages. Most of her work still remains unrecognized publicly, but she belongs to that of the class of Urdu and English writers, e.g. Mirza Adeeb and Berlie Doherty,” Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam, an Urdu poet and critic said.

Mostly focusing the children, Ms. Elahi also writes for adults and mostly on social issues. While targeting children as her readers, she tries to inculcate good religious, social and moral values in young children through her writings. She is a firm patriot and optimism is second nature to her. So, in spite of the adverse conditions in Pakistan in nearly all sectors, she has created and wants to promote the slogan “Pakistan, I shall never give up on You!” she is working hard to promote patriotic sentiments in children. Although she feels that her generation has totally failed to do any good for Pakistan, she is pinning her hopes on the children of today. Through her writings she urges young kids to protect and put Pakistan on the road to success when they finish their education and are at the helm of affairs.

Yasmin Elahi feels that the reason for the chaotic times we are living in is the slow and steady degradation of religious and social values of our society. In her opinion, illiteracy and corruption should be rooted out completely if we want Pakistan to stand amongst the developed or, at least, developing countries of the World. A work from home writer, Yasmin Elahi is more a family person than a writer. Still she maintains a blog site on which she blogs to express her feelings, pains, frustrations and hopes.


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