Tortured house maid Tayyaba appears befor Supream Court of Pakistan

Rabbani calls for suspension of Judges responsible in Tayyaba case |

ISLAMABAD – Domestic torture victim Tayyaba has been appeared before Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday, reported.

According to PakistanTribe’s correspondent, Tayyaba’s medical report also presented in Supreme Court during suo moto case hearing.

Azam, who claimed to be father also produced before the court.

After the hearing adjourned till next Wednesday, the court sent Tayyaba to Pakistan Sweet Homes and ordered Tayyaba will stay at sheltor house till the identification of parents.

Medical report find torture marks on Tayyaba’s body, multiple marks or torture found on nine year-old Tayyaba’s arm, left side of the body, back and near eyes.

She is psychologically tortured and under but by the time recovering from trauma, said medical officials in their report.

Tayyaba allegedly tortured in a house of a serving district session judge in Islamabad.


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