Shaheen Air refutes reports about emergency landing

Shaheen Air Refutes Reports about Emergency Landing |

KARACHI – Shaheen Air International (SAI) has disproved claims made by media about an emergency landing involving a Lahore-bound flight from Manchester.

According to’s correspondent, in its press statement, the airliner has clarified that there was no incident of smoke and a safe landing was made at Lahore.

The captain took actions as per AIRBUS-recommended procedures regarding engine malfunction. All corrective and preventive actions are being taken and the aircraft will be released for regular operations.

According to the official media release issued here on Tuesday, Shaheen Air keeps the safety of its aircraft and passengers paramount.

Shaheen Air International Limited (SAI) is established as a public limited company and commenced its operations as the first private airline in Pakistan in December, 1993. It operates on various domestic and international routes and in 2015, it became the only private airline from Pakistan to fly east with non-stop flights from Lahore to Guangzhou, China.

Recently, the carrier began services between Islamabad and Manchester and also plans to fly to several other international destinations in the future.


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