Watch how Mustafa Ali defeats Israeli opponent in WWE

Mustafa Ali defeats Israeli opponent in WWE |

CHICAGO – A Pakistani-origin American wrestler defeated his Israeli opponent in a WWE match on Saturday. Mustafa has returned to his hometown of Chicago after winning the nail-biting contest.

Mustafa Ali, in a highly competitive match, outclassed Noam Dar with his special tactical moves.

According to the World Wrestling Entertainment report, Israeli-Scottish wrestler Noam Dar and Mustafa Ali put on a show of speed and agility on WWE 205 Live on Wednesday, with Ali executing an Inverted 450 Splash for the win.

Professional wrestler Mustafa Ali became the first Pakistani to step foot in a WWE ring last year, and eventually signed with the company.

While he performed on last week’s episode of WWE’s 205 Live, an hour-long weekly show dedicated to cruiserweight competitors, his match against Puerto Rican wrestler John Yurnet did not show Ali’s full potential because of Yurnet’s unexpected injury.

However, Ali won the match.



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