PIA crew saves life during flight

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KARACHI – The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) saved a human life when an elderly passenger in Multan-Karachi flight PK-333, fell unconscious and stopped breathing on Sunday.

Sighting him losing breath, fellow passengers started shouting and calling for help. The PIA cabin crew came immediately for the treatment of the elderly man.

A medical student onboard also helped the crew in stabilising the patient.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), also known as artificial breathing, was given to the affected person. After a tense and hard fought 15 minutes, the anxiety subsided as the crew were able to restore the respiration of the patient.

Immediately upon arrival at Karachi, an ambulance and a doctor had been arranged and the passenger was handed over to them.

It’s important to appreciate the good alongside and PIA and the cabin crew deserve commendations for a quick response, not giving up easily and saving a man’s life.


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