Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid visited Zoological Survey of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid chaired a meeting in Zoological Survey of Pakistan .He was briefed about the working and issues of the department.

“The issues of Zoological survey of Pakistan should be resolved on immediate bases to strengthen its functioning”,Zahid Hamid

He was also briefed that there is no current encroachment in the area of Zoological Survey of Pakistan. The Minister was also informed that the post of director of Zoological Survey of Pakistan.He was also briefed that the  recruitment process of director of Zoological Survey of Pakistan is under process through Federal Public Services Commission.

During the meeting,Secretary Ministry of Climate Change Syed Ahmed Abu Akif, Joint Secretary Muhammad Farooq and other officials of Zoological survey of Pakistan were also present.

The Zoological Survey of Pakistan is an attached department of Ministry of Climate Change. Its function includes to conduct regular surveys, research and publish information on distribution, population dynamics and status of fauna of Pakistan,, backstop Federal and Provincial policy makers on wildlife diversity, conservation, and management matters .It also facilitate implementation of law on international trade of endangered species  through reliable census and provide data and information for reporting to wildlife related conventions (CMS, CBD, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands).It is also responsible for standard zoological collections to support scientific research by other organizations and trainings and capacity building on conservation, and survey techniques.

The major achievements of ZSD in 2016 includes Studies on fauna of Protected Areas i.e. Machiara National Park, Ayubia National Park & Chumbi Surla Wildlife Sanctuaries, studies on threatened species i.e. Punjab Urial, Blue bull and Wooly flying squirrel,mid-winter Waterfowl Census of major wetlands of Punjab, Sindh and KP,surveys of economically important faunal species such as Parrots, Falcons, Pangolin, Freshwater turtles, etc. used in international wildlife trade,status and threats to Globally threatened Marbled Teal in Sindh

,reconnaissance Survey of Freshwater Turtles in Kabul River and Indus River System in Khyber Pkhtunkhwa ,printing of awareness material on Pangolin.

Federal Minister instructed to resolve issues of Zoological Survey of Pakistan on immediate bases.


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